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Saas Analytics Marketing Tool - Saasy Webflow Template

Sending personalized charts in email is hard

And it’s easy enough to add charts to an email campaign if the chart is the same for every person. Just create the chart in Google Sheets or Canva, download the image, and drop it in your email. But what do you do if the chart needs to be custom to every user, like in:

  • user report emails
  • usage-based billing emails
  • automated analytics reports

You could drop the charts entirely, and just use the raw data. But which of these two emails look more exciting and engaging?

Charts and graphs help to make your emails and reports more compelling, and to better communicate important information to your users.

You could try to get time from your development team to add charts to your emails. To generate custom charts they would need to:

  • Write custom Javascript
  • Build a backend that generates a chart and converts it to the right image type (which means messing with headless browsers or image conversion libraries)
  • Make sure that the file is publicly accessible without making any security compromises
  • And the backend can't be too slow or a bottleneck for the rest of your system

That could take a BIG chunk of time (40+ hours), and your development team already has a mile-long list of priorities. Plus every time you want to tweak the design of your emails, you have to go back-and-forth with your dev team.

You're trying to get your email reports out fast so you get them off your roadmap and start reaping the benefits.

What you need is an easy way to create a custom chart image for every user without custom development. You need a graph maker with a built-in image generation API.

You need ChartJuice

ChartJuice makes it super easy to design great-looking charts and then generate dynamic images of charts personalized for every user with minimal to no effort from your development team. Here's how it works...

No-code CHART Maker

Create a great-looking chart in minutes

With our intuitive no-code chart maker you can easily create a great-looking, on-brand chart in under 5 minutes.

Completely customizable

Match your brand styles with tons of options.

Multiple chart types

Support for bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and more.

Saas Advanced Analytics - Saasy Webflow Template
Advanced Analytics - Saasy Webflow Template

export or embed

Export or copy chart embed code

Export your chart to an SVG or PNG. Or copy the dynamic <img/> tag and insert custom data using our API.

SVG or PNG export

For one-off charts with static data.

Simple image generation API

For generating chart images with dynamic data.

SEND CHarts in email

Add chart to your transactional email

Add your chart as an <img/> tag to your transactional email template and replace the data fields to generate dynamic charts on the fly with personalized data.

Works with most email tools

Works with any email provider that supports custom HTML templates.

Pass data as URL paramaters

Add your data as URL parameters. It's as simple as setting up an ad campaign.

Saas Advanced Analytics - Saasy Webflow Template
Advanced Analytics - Saasy Webflow Template

personalized chart images

Get an image of your chart with personalized data

When you use the embed code, ChartJuice then renders an image of your chart with the data passed from your code or email provider.


Our image generation API defaults to return a PNG, but can support multiple file types.

Need to do more?

ChartJuice is built on top of Apache eCharts, a powerful library with the backing of one of the world's best known open source software organizations. Think of eCharts as the simplicity of ChartJS meets the power of D3.

With the ChartJuice API you can create anything that's possible with the eCharts library.

Watch an instant demo

Watch a demo from our founder explaining the most common use case for ChartJuice, how to easily recreate a chart in our no-code chart designer, and our done-for-you automated report service.

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