Area chart maker

Area charts

Design beautiful area charts with ChartJuice’s no-code area chart maker when you need a little more than just a line.

No-code area charts

Area charts are very similar to line graphs, but help to emphasize the magnitude of values and compare differences over time. They can be especially handy for visualizing something like the shift in market share over quarters or years.

ChartJuice makes your area charts look great out-of-the-box thanks to our sensible defaults. But you can easily customize your area color, opacity, and even leverage gradients to make your area chart look exactly the way you want it to. Or customize even more with our API.

Add sample data

Easily add realistic sample data with the ChartJuice data grid so you can visualize what your chart will look like when you deploy it to your users.

Send charts in email, slack or more

With the ChartJuice image generation API you can easily embed personalized chart images in emails, slack messages, PDFs, or anywhere else you need a chart. Just pass your users’ data in as a URL parameter like you’re setting up a new ad campaign. Sending charts in email has never been easier. 

No data stored, so ChartJuice is fully compliant

The ChartJuice image generation API generates images on the fly and doesn’t store any user data, meaning ChartJuice is just a pass through and won’t present any compliance issues. Secure by design. 

Export as PNG or SVG

Need a great-looking chart for your next report or pitch deck? ChartJuice easier to use than any of the other alternatives? No problem, you can always add real data and export your chart as a PNG or SVG right from the chart maker. 

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